• When you seek compensation for injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident, the legally responsible person or group of people must pay for lost income, medical bills, the injuries' occupational effect, the amount of disability, liability, etc. If you believe your injuries are slight or minor, get yourself diagnosed by a doctor and do what he prescribes. Don't make the mistake of plunging to an early settlement because once you sign the dotted line, you free the party from the responsibility of any undetected damages. Wait for a few months and assess if your health has returned to what it was before the accident. Whether your injuries are minors or severe, a slip and fall lawyer will always come in handy. To better explain the point: let's say that you sustained a hip injury after a slip & fall and then decided to settle quickly to get money. Sometime later, you realize that the injury necessitates surgery. The surgery is unsuccessful, and you would...

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