• 1.Freeze-drying is to freeze the dried liquid at a low temperature to freeze the water, and then heat it in a vacuum to allow the water in the product to be directly sublimated from the solid to a gaseous state. 2. Lyophilized preparations of lyophilized Equipment are stable in structure, porous, good in efficacy and easy to transport. 3. The basic process of lyophilization: pre-freezing, one drying (sublimation and secondary drying (desorption, time is generally 15-24 hours 4. First drying: On the basis of freezing completely, the product can enter the sublimation stage. Also known as the first drying. 5. The main components of the freeze dryer (10: drying cabinet and pressure control and protection device vacuum exhaust system hydraulic or screw lift plug device heat transfer shelf layer heating device thermal media converter refrigeration system organic solvent recovery device online cleaning Device online sterilization device operation parameter measurement control...

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