Forza Horizon is a racing video game issued by Microsoft Studios and created by Playground Games for the Xbox 360. The 1st series of Forza Horizon was released on 23 October 2012 then after two years its 2nd series was launched in 2014, 3rd series in 2016, respectively next 2 years later its 4th series was in 2018. Unlike every release, the 5th release is expected to be released on 9th November 2021, this time it has taken three years this may be due to the COVID pandemic.

As per the past records and expectations, we can predict that the Forza Horizon 6 will be publicly released by the end of 2023 or the mid of 2024.

The game is all about the fictitious Horizon Festival; a street motor racing competition organized in the US state of Colorado, the motive behind it is to move ahead after winning the racing events, while also enhancing the level of popularity by doing stunts involving some risky and charming unusual activities. Players can ride off-road in preferred regions whereas others are restricted by balustrades or other possible means.

Forza Horizon Gameplay

Instead of professionally on racing tracks, Forza Horizon centers especially on informal street racing, as it occurs on a map of tentatively sealed public roadways. It emphasizes various forms of motor races, from point-to-point and drifts to rally races. The roadways emphasize both AI traffic providing instant updates to conditions of trafficand during online gaming, other carnival drivers. The players can compete with the other motor racers they confront in a 1-1 race to a provided area. The races begin at the existing place and end at an arbitrary way-point, normally over five hundred meters apart from the gamer and their competitor. A skill method is executed in the play; gamers gain fame during races by riding in a confrontational way. Actions like drifting, floating, hopping over barriers, and getting a car on 2-wheels all add value to the popularity level of the player. These actions can be collectively used in a combo that in turn influences the amount players are paid after race completion. Cred also affects a player's popularity level in the game. An exclusive pool of other events and special features continues unlocking with the rise in the popularity level of a player, like instead of motor vehicles, now the races will occur against planes and helicopters.

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