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Gina is a waitress in a lounge at a popular hotel in Malaysia. She meets a lot of customers daily while serving them drinks of their choice. Most of her customers are frequent to the lounge and give her great tips. Besides, Gina notices that most of her customers are an ardent fan of MEGA888 online. Daily they are seated there with their buddies and iPads and are heavily engaged in playing the games. A few nights she would hear her customers jumping in joy as they have won the bets placed on the games. On such nights her tips would be double.

Gina Started To Join MEGA888 Online Malaysia

Gina Started To Get Interested In MEGA888 Online

As time went by, Gina would have small chats with her customers during her breaks about MEGA888 online. And what it has to offer. Most of her customers entertain her and show her some tips and tricks on how to play the games at MEGA888.

One day, Gina met up with her fiancé and told him about MEGA888 online. Both of them got very interested and decided to sign up as members. Therefore, Gina searched the internet for an authorized MEGA888 casino dealer.

Within minutes, she was on the phone with the Live chat team. They were the friendliest people she had ever met. Also, the process took only 10 minutes and Gina was a member of MEGA888 online. Furthermore, in the following 10 minutes, she got her username and password through WhatsApp. It was such a breeze through.

Claim Your Free Credit At MEGA888 Online

Find Out How Gina Get Her Free Credits

Gina and her boyfriend were very eager to try their hands at the games. When Gina logged in to the MEGA888 website, the dashboard appeared and showed her account. Her winnings were 0 but she had a few bonuses in her account. Therefore, Gina was a little puzzled and called the Live chat team. Moreover, they explained to her that as a welcome gift they have given her some free credits to start the game rolling. When Gina heard this, she jumped in joy and hugged her boyfriend.

They quiet themselves down and sat down to get to business. For starters, Gina started to look at the variety of games in MEGA888. They have slot games, table games, and arcade games. Moreover, all the games came in splendid vivid colors with fantastic audiovisual effects. It was like playing the games at a real casino. Gina got curious again and decided to use the free credits to try one of the slot games – Great Blue. Also, Gina remembered that one of her customers had told her that this slot game she had chosen was easy to play and easy to win.

Winnings In Online Casino Malaysia

Gina First Win In MEGA888 Online

Gina’s first trial ended up in a loss. She did not feel the pinch as she had used the free credits. Her boyfriend suggested reading articles on MEGA888 tips or the website they registered. Little did they know that the Live chat team would give them great tips on which game to play and win. Gina decided to give the day rest and to try again tomorrow. While at work that night she asked some of her customers what she was doing wrong. Most of them asked her to reach out to the Live chat team.

Listening to their advice, the next day she called the Live chat team and asked for advice. She got great tips and started using them.

Besides, another great tip given was to learn the art of strategy. Therefore, every night Gina spent experimenting and testing the same game over and over again. Bingo, that night she made her first win. It wasn’t much but it was a substantial amount. She quickly put it aside as saving and continued to play the same game. Gina’s only hope is to win the Jackpot and surely one day she will.

4 Key Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From MEGA888 Online

MEGA888 Online casino made its appearance in the online gaming industry only a few years back. Within a short period, it has climbed to success and has captivated the hearts of many online casino gamers. What could be the reasons behind this fast growth in expansion and popularity? Many gamers feel that it is solely because MEGA888 Online is a homegrown brand by Michael Tan. Besides, Michael has taken painstaking efforts in making MEGA888 Online the top after years of market research. Due to MEGA888 Online being a Malaysian brand and licensed too. It has Malaysians playing with confidence and trust.

On the other hand, other gamers feel that MEGA888 Online is using some great marketing strategies that no other online casinos are giving presently. What are these sure win marketing strategies? Well, to be very exact, there are 4 key marketing strategies that you can learn from MEGA888 Online. Let us dive into them one by one.

Importance Of Innovations In Online Casino Business

1. Importance Of Innovation

Michael Tan the founder of MEGA888 Online was an Information Technology (IT) student in college. After completing his 4-year degree course he got a job as an IT developer. Therefore, Michael knew the importance of innovation right from the start.

When he began MT Ventures Sdn Bhd with a team of 10, he made sure all casino gamers got the latest state of the art in technology. Also, going online alone was the first step he took so that MEGA888 Online can be mobile. It can go with you anywhere and you can play anytime. Besides that, all his games were 3D and interactive.

He made sure that the games were thematic and based on some Chinese or western folklore stories which would capture the hearts of many. Therefore, nowadays there is no necessity to dress up and go to Genting Highlands to play casino games. Michael made innovation come into your living space area where you could play the games at MEGA888 in comfort.

Different Payment Method Of MEGA888 Online

2. Payment Methods Of MEGA888 Online

Another area that Michael put his focus on was the registration and payment methods. There were no hassle and fuss in signing up. Besides, all you need to do is to approach the support team of MEGA888 Online and they will handle the rest.

Moreover, the registration only takes a matter of minutes and soon you will be able to play all the slot, table, and arcade games on your mobile device. Likewise, Michael also made certain that all deposits and payout methods were easy breezy. Once again the support team comes into play again to help you. Furthermore, being a Malaysian brand, there were many local bank options to deposit and withdraw cash.

Welcome Promotions MEGGA888 Online

3. Welcome Promotions

Will you join any online casinos if there are no freebies? Thus, MEGA888 Online gave great welcome promotions in the form of bonuses. These bonuses were for new gamers and the current ones too. Some of these bonuses are 100% welcome bonus (new gamer), 20% reload bonus (existing), birthday bonus, jackpot bonus, progressive jackpot bonus, and MEGA888 Angpao.

The jackpot bonus and MEGA888 Angpao came randomly but regularly. So, this must have been the biggest marketing strategy and pull factor to gain new members to the MEGA888 Online site.

Important Of Expanding Network

4. The Importance Of Expanding The Network

MEGA888 Online cannot be a one-man show. It takes 2 hands to clap, thus you need many people’s assistance in running the show. Furthermore, Michael has carefully planned all these strategies to boost the MEGA888 Online image. He made sure that MEGA888 Online had all these following people in his team. They are:

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a must in any online casino as they are the ones who can portray what others want to see visually. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words and that is what a graphic designer’s main focus would be.


The programmer does all the coding for the games and uploads them on the MEGA888 Online website for all gamers to play and enjoy. Plus the programmer has to do regular maintenance to upgrade and fix any glitches or bugs for an awesome gaming experience.

Customer Service

A 24 by 7 customer service support is most important as gamers might face issues or have problems during gameplay. Furthermore, the support team is always there to give and render their help on any matters at all times.

Human Resource

As the company grows, the human resource department takes care of the staff needs like employment contracts, awards, promotions, hiring, and firing in MEGA888 online.


The finance department has to ensure that the staff gets their pay on time. Moreover, this will make them feel at ease and work more dedicatedly at all times.


All the great stories about MEGA888 has to come out on the internet and in newspapers. Therefore, writers are in need to write engaging stories that will melt the hearts of many.

Marketing Specialist

What is the point of running a business if you have no marketing specialist to promote it? They are the ones doing all the shout outs on many social media platforms to raise the hype on MEGA888 online casino.

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