Go to Idria in Falador and tell her about everything OSRS GP you've seen. Idria will advise you to defeat Lucien to Movario. She will provide you with an orb to use against Movario, but you need to find him. You know he's located in Catherby. Go to Catherby and look for the house north of the bank. Bob the Cat will show up. Don your Catspeak Amulet, and chat with him. It's been a long time since I last saw you. However, I'll never forget your comments regarding me being a Dragonkin and how I killed one. Yes it was true, but that Kin had friends.

I met some Dragonkin last week, but everyone thinks I'm drunk when I mention them. I guess I can't blame them. However, I'm trying to find a guy named Movario. This guy. He's not kind to cats. He was eating a plate of tuna, and when I introduced the the standard human instruction techniques that you might call "purring", he still refused to give me any! He only cares about books, books, and more books. He makes Unferth look enjoyable by comparison. What's the matter with him where is he now? What can I do to find out? There's a good chance he's in some location with lots of research and no cats. It's a shame that he's in such an awful place.

It's a great place to conduct research. Go to the Runecrafting Guild, and you will see Movario fighting with Wizards Acantha and Vief. Utilize the orb on Movario, and he'll be teleported to the White Knight Castle jail cell. Go to Falador and begin questioning him. Movario will tell you that he has a theory that the Stone of Jas that Lucien has might be a fake. Movario will explain that the Stone of Jas that Lucien had given you remarkable power suggests that it could be linked to the genuine thing, however, the link was cut off after the stone was taken. Movario will be unable to mention anything else other than that he was a fan of Dorgeshkan.

Your character will be able to conclude that Movario may have left something behind in Dorgeshkan after you've talked to Movario. Talk to Oldak and he will tell you that he shared some of his knowledge about Lumbridge Caves to a man named Movario. You can ask Oldak whether he knew the subject he was studying.

Zanik and he'll be fascinated by OSRS gold the Guthix Temple that you discovered although it's filled with demons. There is no need to be concerned about Tormented Demons as the expedition is limited to the areas to the outside. Still, you will want equipment for combat, to range and melee, and plenty of food because a fight is about to occur.


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