With the release of four live action animation series, one animation series and four films in 2021, no wonder Marvel makes us eager to see more. However, don't worry, there will be more films and TV dramas in 2022. We have compiled a comprehensive movie reviews. Here's next year's Marvel movie reviews:
Dr. strange: the crazy multiverse (May 6, 2022)
Benedict Cumberbatch will continue to play Dr. strange, and actors Rachel McAdams and Benedict Wang will play Christine Palmer and Wang respectively. Although most of the plot is still unknown, we know it is based on Dr. strange's research on the time stone. In addition, as the title implies, it will explore the concept of multiverse in Marvel Universe, which has not been done yet.
We also know that Elizabeth Olsen will play the role of Wanda maximoff in the play, which will cooperate with Marvel's Wanda vision series. In addition, rookie xochitl Gomez will make his debut in Marvel, playing a superpower teenager America Chavez from another dimension. Sam Remy, who has directed films such as the twill dead trilogy, will direct the film, which means you may see a scare or two.
Thor: love and thunder (July 8, 2022)
Raytheon's next appearance looks promising as a character in the first and fourth movie of the Marvel Universe. Taiki waiiti directed the latest film with the theme of Thor after Thor 3: Twilight of the gods received overwhelming praise. Chris Hemsworth will certainly continue to play his role of the same name. He will play valkiri with Tessa Thompson, and some roles we haven't seen in a while, such as Jane foster played by Natalie Portman and miss Schiff played by Jamie Alexander. The Galactic guard will also join Thor's interstellar adventure.
Although there are few details of the plot, we have some information. We know that producer Kevin Fitch has said that the film has adapted many elements from comics, including Mrs. Thor played by Jane foster. We also know that Thor will fight a new villain named "God butcher Gore" (played by Christian Bell). With such a name, it is not surprising that fans are excited about his appearance.
Panther: forever vacanda (November 11, 2022)
After the tragic death of Chadwick boseman in August 2020, fans left their condolences and wondered where the series would go next. Director Ryan Kugler has confirmed that they will not re elect the actors of "tchala", which makes many people speculate about the plot of the film. Like the other two films to be released in 2022, there are few details about this film. However, actors such as Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Danai gurira, Daniel kaluya and Lupita nyong'o will return to play Shuri, m'baku, okoye, w'kabi and Nakia respectively.
At the same time, actor tenoch Huerta was also selected, which led people to speculate that the main opponent of the film would be namor, a hybrid of Atlantis and human beings, who had an obvious competitive relationship with tchala in the cartoon. In addition, Dominique Thorne will play iron core, a 15-year-old girl named Riri Williams, wearing an iron suit similar to iron man.

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