Check out Ben's Next Gen Stats passing chart and it confirms the scenario. The combination of Mut 22 coins the two has rendered the offensive horizontal. He's not protected by any protection and he doesn't possess the strength in his arms to accelerate the ball in a rapid manner.
Steelers have hoped to protect but the secondary was not well-equipped and the defense line that is the main most important aspect of this team is being hampered by a variety of starters. T.J. Watt was the most prominent player to be removed from the match on Sunday because of a groin injury. A couple of weeks ago it was reported that the Steelers defense slowed down and was a major issue against Joe Burrow Sunday. It's difficult to imagine a path that can fix these issues.
This isn't a worry over Carson Wentz's play on the field, although Carson Wentz's performance on the field is worrying. The biggest issue I have for Indianapolis is playing Wentz all the time during the 2021 season . It could mean having to trade the top 10 spot as a result of the team's poor performance.
Life for Indy doesn't immediately get better. After a defeat at home to Tennessee during which the Colts played Wentz on two ankles that were injured reminder that people only have two ankles, and If both are sprained, that's a problem.
In addition, the Colts are now facing Miami and Baltimore in the middle of the road. It's nice to buy Madden 22 coins see Houston at home for three weeks is great, however, the Texans are operating like an extremely hardworking team this year and will not just lay down and be a victim of an opponent from the division who's mustered 56 points over the seasons.

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