So, open up your MyCareer, specifically with a profile that's been through all the basic tutorials. Head to Brickley's Gym and it's shown on the City map. In the gym, start your first game by speaking directly to an NPC inside mt 2k22. Just after your badge progress is completed at the end of the match, quit out of the game.

Load back in, and immediately fast travel with the correct bumper. If the glitch is fixed right, you'll see that the game still acts like you've never played that game, but you still get to keep any badges or VC you gained from the previous winning. You can continue playing in your very first round, continue to win and take advantage of the winnings.

Another straightforward VC method that's causing a stir with the 2K gaming community in the past few hours involves a glitch that affects the current generation of courts. In particular, this glitch functions best on 10-k VC courts, but it's actually applicable to any court that you'd like to win a small reward.

As mentioned in the video by Geminus, the trick involves a court that is empty and a lot of coordination. Two teams load in and then buy mt nba 2k22, right as the name of your player turns black after everyone is present, you must wait five seconds and have one team of three go home together.

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