The Madden games feature a story mode called Face of the Franchise, is among the most interesting features to come out of Madden 22 coins the game. While the game has provided many interesting ideas throughout the years, it's still attempting to achieve the full potential of this game.
The most recent version has added the ability for players make characters, and play at the high school and college levels. It might even be improved, allowing players to play all seasons at lower levels before transitioning into Franchise mode which is basically exactly the same, with more plot.
Just a couple of weeks ago Franchise Mode's engine for scenario play was first introduced to players. It didn't go over well among fans. A lot of people thought it was an attempt to give players "boosts" however it could be used as a tool to make critical decisions that could negatively impact their professional career. 
Also, throwing in scenarios which players have to think about could be an extremely beneficial feature if implemented correctly. Instead of rewarding players with stat-related perks make them aware that their choices could affect how the season will play out. An athlete might decide to carry a lighter workload, or be able to recuperate from an injury.
It's rather odd that offensive and defensive coordinators are not a main subject of cheap madden 22 mut coins the team for a long time. It would be great having three outstanding coaches on one team. Apart from that, Franchise Mode has a tendency to hire coaches who aren't associated with the league. 

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