At the start of the gameplay, the player's ability value will drastically decrease to a minimum between 60 and 60. Join college, play in the G-League or simply join the NBA? After formally launching"My Career "My Career" mode the players will be presented with the choice of "enter the institution to participate with the team", "participate in the G-League" or "participate in the NBA 2K22 MT draft."

If you decide to play in the NBA however, you will not be admitted into the university again , and can't play in the G-League or if you decide to join the G-League however, you will be able to be a part of the NBA after completing a year, but you will not be able to continue to play in the league for college players. If you choose a university that allows you to play all three options.

If players are looking to earn the most experience or are looking to test the strength of the character at hand, it is recommended to select the college league at the beginning, and then G-League then join the NBA. Additionally, if triumph in the college championship you will not only be able to earn a championship badge, but the character be awarded an additional badge.

It also guarantees that the character is eligible for the initial phase of NBA draft. This signifies that the player will be part of a more formidable team, earning a higher salary per contest (VC Coin) which means that there is an increased chance of making the playoffs and achieving the title.

In the event that they succeed in winning the university or G-League, the character can gain additional abilities. Enhance your interest "My Your Brand" to attract sponsors. Beyond the ability parameters the character can also be able to have additional "My Brand" values ? For example "fashion" or "music".

When the ball match is completed or the specified task is accomplished, the value will gain an amount of knowledge and will increase the value. These "personal interest"-style ability points are utilized to find sponsors. When the value reaches certain levels it is possible for the character to sign with the sponsor, receive additional appearance fees and boost the VC Coin that can be earned.

The best way to improve "My Image" is to finish various jobs in the city. Take note of the evaluation of players during the game. Even if you have an excellent team at the NBA draw, it does not mean that your career is going smoothly.Recent patches are designed to improve the performance of the game on all consoles. However, there are some things that may have gone unnoticed. The players have started to exploit games' Post Hook stat, with an online discussion on TikTok that takes it to the absolute 2K22 MT in a way that could only make Peter Griffin proud.