What should I do? There's been a lot of changes! For Dungeoneering, here's what I'd recommend: Max prestige by resetting after you have completed all floors RuneScape Gold. Be aware of the time you'll get to level up, so you don't lose out on extra prestige. Initial levels until 59 have the lowest xp of all. Once you're in at the Dung 59+ level then you'll be doing abandoned 2 which grants more exp than the prior course.
To attain those levels, make use of ToG and XP Lamps/Effigies for Dungeoneering. After that, you can do 1-29 on C1 and 30+ on c6 for 5 man larges (with 5-man difficulty) that is 5:5 bigs in the sense of. Once you have reached Abandoned Two floors or more upgrading your Ring to Tier 5 Berserker. C refers to complexity. It determines what skills are used in the dungeon, and what exp reduction you get.
Beginning at 50% at 1 complexity and increases to no reduction at 6. Prestige is the number of floors you didn't repeat. Abandoned is the 4th theme floor in dung. The floor starts at Frozen and runs from floors 1-11. Abandoned 1 is 12-17, Furnished 18-29, abandoned two floors at 30-35, Occult between 36-47, and Warped after 48+.
It is your goal to reach floor 36, which has with the highest level of xp for each dungeon (based on my experience). The 1-29 you mentioned is the floors you do using complex 1 and 6 with five players in a large Dungeon using a five-man difficulty. Take note of the difficulty while doing these floors , as it is recommended to select five.
Conclusion If your non-void bonuses to equipment reach their maximum (for example, Onyx or Berserker Rings (i), Completionist Cape, Chaotic Maul, Amulet of Fury) The void becomes more and more valuable Buy RS 3 Gold. But, if you're using anything less powerful than a godsword better off using Bandos and barrow gloves.