As you begin your journey, you will be able to RS Gold master almost every skill that you can find in RuneScape it is very much worthwhile to complete missions that provide experience in the skill you're planning to train. 
As soon as you are level 1 you'll be burning the majority of the food you cook, it's a huge time squander. There are two short quests that will help you get past level 10 in cooking: Chef's Aide and Gertrude's Cat. Completion of them can be a great way to save time.
If you'd like to begin the process of leveling while cooking, you can , however it's much longer than doing these quests. Between levels 1-20 we will cook Sardines and you'll need to create around 120 (without burning) until you get to level 20. They're a good option to Shrimps. To start off just fill your tank with Sardines, click on the fish you want to cook and then place it in the flame and cook time will be automatically started with each fish.
In this gap of level, the best fish for cooking will be a Trout. It is possible to catch them with trout fishing from Barbarian Village near Varrock or even near Lumbridge Castle. If you're just beginning to become a player and you don't have money to invest, you could go there with an axe as well as a tinderbox. 
Nearby, fishermen will drop fresh Trout while speed-leveling their fishing. You can pick it up, light the fire and cook them at the same time. If you've got cash it would be faster to buy the Trouts from Grand Exchange and cook Trout at Rogue's Den or Hosidius House. You'll need about 130 Trouts properly cooked for OSRS Accounts you to achieve level 30.

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