If you've successfully completed an Curry Slide Animation from the initial test, you must exit out of NBA 2K22 MT Coins the tester , and begin your MyCareer. The animation will remain in your player so long as you don't alter any of the "Normal" Size-Up Escape Package which is located in your MyPlayer's Playmaking Animations slot. If you don't have Curry Slide Animation available in the Build tester simply leave and come back to attempt again.
As of now, it remains unclear if any build can get the move or whether or not 2K will update the method and allow you to opt for it if would like. New generation console gamers can unlock the penthouse of NBA 2K22 by earning MVP points. The game provides a lot of chances to collect these points.
NBA 2K22 is the latest installment in the NBA 2K series, and it includes new features and some gameplay adjustments that make it stand out from the other games in the series. 
There are some aspects of the game which only playable on next-gen consoles, so you can play two different versions. One of the major differences between these versions is the addition of the City on the newer consoles along with everything else included in the game's new playable space.
The new console NBA 2K22 has new quests, activities, and more non-playable characters. The game also comes with safe NBA 2K22 MT sites the WNBA game, which was not available in the earlier version. The principal area in the new version is the City.

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