It is designed to play across various gaming platforms Lineage 2M Diamonds gets the modern gaming software, which includes:PC PURPLE PC PURPLE is a PC that has been optimized to provide a smooth PC and crossplay experience that supports up to 4K resolution graphics, and individualization of the control keys.
Remote Play: With Mobile PURPLE it is possible to play the game that was originally downloaded on your PC through your phone. For example, after starting the Lineage2M playing session on your PC at home and then playing on your mobile device with Mobile PURPLE someplace else or while on the move.
PURPLEtalk: With the PURPLEtalk app, it is possible to chat in game in real-time without needing to be connected to the game channel. The acoustic quality means there is no need for another voice channel. This is useful when playing with your friends as well as clanmates.
The first Lineage II was released in North America Way back in 2004 and Lineage2M, was launched to South Korea in 2019 and is heavily influenced by the sagas, traditions and of course the combat and clashes of the original. Mobile first, with the ability to play on PC via the PURPLE platform from NCSoft. Lineage2M supports high-definition 4K ultra HD 3D environments and offers large-scale open-world battles that have more than 10,000 players.
There are special rewards for this new release, including bonus points for cheap Lineage 2M Diamonds players downloading the game to the PURPLE platform and play on PC. PURPLE is a platform which enables mobile games to be played smoothly on PC, making cross play possible for some games. MMO players have an extensive presence on PC therefore it's an excellent idea to make the switch.

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