Thirdly, monkey-making - honestly the way that most of Buy RuneScape Gold Sal's members made their money was outdated or, in some cases, requires higher statistics. There are a few things I'm pretty certain are solid - firstly pottery is expected to earn around 50K an hour, which is ideal for your skill levels (fun point - I never have more then 100K until I reached level 63). 
So, before you think you're not good enough, think about my broken heart, in the past).Slayer can guide you to an acceptable profit once you have joined. Additionally, mining pure essence (requiring 30 Mining) isn't that bad, most likely about 1.5x making soft clay. 
That's the main reason why I suggest PK'ing, by the way - once you've reached 100 CB you'll be needing more and more money which is really awkward because you don't have enough necessary stats to succeed killing the top monsters for HUGE profit, but still need lots of cash to purchase equipment.
In addition, I thought I'd like to mention - the bit of common sense when you're PK'ing 110+ and I understand you're like CB 14; however, I'm sure you'll find a way to go back on this blog post... What am I kidding. It's a good idea to mention this to you, however It ALSO can be used for PVM.
Two of my friends had a level 116 account, the other leveled up got hacked, exaclty within the same week, they lost all their items and the maxed guy was able to recover 2 chaoss. I'm genuinely scared, this is me. I've completed these steps to OSRS Fire Cape safeguard my account by changing my password. Modified my IP. It was a long time since i had changed my setting to private on-game, thus protected from bots and spammers.

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