If you're playing on PlayStation you'll use the Square button to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins shoot, while Xbox users will be pressing the X button, and both consoles will also be able to utilize the Right Joystick, or better known as the Pro Stick. 
One of the main differences between the two shooting techniques is how precise each is. It's true that the Pro Stick is going to give more room for error compared to Button shooting but it's also likely to let players be more precise when it comes to creating perfect shots.
If you're just starting out We suggest you test Button shooting for the first few minutes to give you an increased chance of chance of success as compared to Pro Stick shooting, but those who have played for a while in the 2K series should utilize Pro Stick shooting. 
Pro Stick method instead. The new shot meter inside NBA 2K22 has been added to determine the accuracy of your shots throughout an event. This means that you don't need an extensive meter in order to score the perfect shot if you have two defenders chasing you at the point beyond which you can shoot, unlike a wide open mid-range shot.
2K is enticing you to make smarter choices when setting up for a shot, rather than depending on your energized shooting attributes to carry you to the end. Therefore, while the shot gauge is going to look relatively identical to can you buy NBA 2K22 MT the previous years however, the measurement is likely be able to change directly based on the shooting quality mentioned above.

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