How are you gonna manage to take down anyone, no matter how you get them to RS Gold believe in those combat stats? Except if they're around level 3 or more. He's got an acceptable span.
Actually, it was a pretty astonishing scam. What happened was that a person called me to ask if I wanted to appear in an the RSMV (Runescape Music Video) and said I would be given 2 million. First, he gave me 100k to prove that he was real and then we began moving around and I would say lyrics when he wanted me to.
Then he met the two "random people" who were actually his friends and wanted them to join the video. They agreed and were with us all the time, singing lyrics when he wanted us to or. Then he said we had to take on a larger demon in the next section which is why he offered us all food (again to look legit) and we went through the wild.
While on the way to the wildy friends chatting privately with me said that we should all be on the "leader" due to the fact that he allegedly holding 5m within his possessions. Once we got out there they began to kill him and both were instantly skulled upon attacking him. I realized before the attack that it was a scam therefore I did not attack.
The reason they attracted me was due to the fact that I was wearing Full Zammy so they knew I was wealthy , and the payoff would be much favorable to them. A few things to think about: Offer the person a sum of cash to 2007 RS Items convince them that you're a legitimate person and you'll get a decent amount of money if you stick to the plan.

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