Diabetes is a condition that is usually known as a silent killer. In this condition, the body is either not able to produce the needs insulin or resists the insulin the body does produce. There are various treatments available to take care of this condition, eventually, your destiny and prognosis lie in your hands, and it depends on how well you take care of yourself and manages your condition.

It is known as a silent killer, because most often in the initial period there won’t be any alarming symptoms at all, even the sufferer gets accustomed to this situation. So until and unless one goes for screening with lab investigation, it is impossible to diagnose diabetes. Even the symptoms will differ from person to person according to the level f sugar found in the blood. However, some of the common alarming symptoms of diabetes are;

Frequent thirst and urination
Fatigue/ Exhaustion /Tiredness
Increased hunger/appetite
Unexplained weight loss or obesity
Blurred vision
Numbness in Hands, Legs or Feet
Dryness of skin
Delay in wound healing
Smelly urine

In a diabetic person the body is inefficient and many times unable to use glucose for fuel. In this case, the body switches over to metabolizing fats incompletely or completely as a source of fuel. In this process, the body uses more energy and results in feeling fatigued or tired.

A diabetic person is always unable to process many of the calories into the food that they eat. Hence, they may apparently lose weight even though they are having an appropriate amount of food. Frequently urinating loses sugar and water from our body and may result in weight loss. High blood sugar resists the growth of white blood cells (WBCs) that are responsible for our immune system. When these cells in the body do not function accordingly it affects the wound healing ability of that person.

Diabetes symptoms in men

Due to dehydration development of cracks in the foreskin of the penis
Reduction in the level of Libido
Erectile dysfunction or Male Impotency (erectile failure)
Premature ejaculation
Itching or irritation around the penis
A rapid reduction in bodily strength due to loss of muscle mass

Diabetes symptoms in women
Due to dehydration development of cracks in the Vagina
Vaginal infection
Sexual dysfunction – Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, inability to achieve orgasm, etc.)
Psychological symptoms.
Reduction in the level of Libido
Infertility with ovarian dysfunction
Hormonal imbalance
There are millions and millions of people all across the globe who have become victims of this silently killing disease called Diabetes. The main reason for the cause of this disease is an irregular meals, lack of regular exercise, mental instability or stress. This condition is directly related to our body‘s metabolism in which oxidation of carbohydrates ad glucose is not fully detected.

Avoid Eating: Molasses, Sugar, Honey, Sweets, And Dry Fruits.

An important suggestion for diabetes patients:

Spend at least 35-40 minutes every day for exercise.
Do not starve; eat small meals between time intervals.
Strictly avoid oily foods.
Try to intake fibrous foods.
Avoid fasting in order to avoid starving and also avoid going to parties to avoid overeating or eating wrongly
Eat your food slowly as it is easy to digest.
Diabetes diet plan/ chart

A different dietary chart must be created for the diffident individuals depending upon their age, gender, weight, work, and diabetes level. Let’s see a general basic diabetic diet plan.

6am: ½ Teaspoon Fenugreek Powder + Water
7am 1 Cup Sugar-free Tea + Whole grain Bread or Biscuits.
8am: Oats or Upma or Poha or Omlet or A bowl of sprouts + Small Glass of Milk without sugar
10:30 am: Any one fruit or lemon juice
1pm: Lunch – 2 mix flour Chapatti, salad, Pulses, green vegetable, yogurt, dal, rice.
4pm: 1 cup Sugar-Free milk with 1 or 2 biscuits
6pm: Soup
8:30pm: Dinner- 2 mix flour Chapatti, salad, Pulses, green vegetable.
10pm: Milk without sugar

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