All parents put their best foot forward for finding the best school and education program for their children. They believe that learning experiences gained in initial years leave a strong and long-lasting impact on their overall learning and development. This is the main reason they choose Montessori schools over public or standard schools for their children. If you also fall in the similar category, start looking for a Montessori school near me from today only.

Philosophy of Montessori Schools

Montessori school is a brainchild of Dr. Maria Montessori. These schools focus on holistic development of children from initial years by promoting the multi-aged classroom concept. As per the concept, the students of different age groups get the opportunity to gather and learn in a same classroom and thereby promoting growth-conducive learning environment. The older students mentor younger students and assist them on various projects. On one hands, students get the opportunity to become leaders whereas younger lots get the chance to work with their seniors from a very young age.

Engaging Teaching Methodology

Montessori schools near me ensure to make students capable, knowledgeable, accountable and a responsible citizen of tomorrow who always get success in every endeavour of life. And the real credit goes to engaging and unique teaching methodology adopted by qualified teachers. The Montessori teachers never tell students what to do and in which manner. They simply define the objective of any activity and allow students to develop their own ways to meet the objective. While a student is busy in experimenting with different tools, teachers are closely monitoring them and assisting them whenever required. This develops the habit to learn and explore things by own, without taking external help.

You may choose any Montessori schools near me, whether you are in Sugar Land or Richmond, you will find the small classroom size. On an average, the classroom maintains ideal teacher-student ratio of 1:15. Owing to these reasons only, students become problem solver, develop critical thinking, learn the importance of teamwork, become creative and self-disciplined also.

Preparing Students for Real World of Tomorrow

It is not wrong to say that Montessori schools near me offer education in such a manner that students get the confidence and courage to face every kind of problem. In other words, Montessori education prepares students to face the real world of tomorrow by developing the following skills timely:

  1. Think wisely during hard times and strive to resolve conflicts peacefully
  2. Value and respect their elders and environment
  3. Contribute to the community in every possible manner
  4. Remain a life-long learner and punctual
  5. Give a due respect to honesty and hard work of others

To obtain all these benefits, it is prudent to choose the right education program for your children as per their age.

Interesting Course Programs

Montessori education is beneficial for all regardless of the age of your children. If your tiny tot is 9 months old, enrol him in an infant program. There he will learn the basic skills like running, climbing, standing, etc. Conversely, if you enrol your children in a kindergarten program, they will become more independent and critical thinker. Some other programs which are equally popular are pre-school programs, toddler programs, elementary education, etc.

How to Find Montessori School Near Me?

If you are facing any hardship in finding a reputed Montessori school near your office or house, take the help of internet. You can always take recommendations from your neighbours, friends and family members regarding the Montessori school. Indubitably, you will find a couple of parents, who will speak praiseworthy words for Montessori schools. If possible, try to enrol your children in the same school where children of your friends are enrolled. So, start your search now!