"Naturally that's OSRS gold what it means, and that's why any fan-driven challenge that attempts to change the way Old School RuneScape has been played seems in opposition to our own plans," Jagex wrote to 117. "We believe it's crucial to have continuity within the way Old School seems, and consequently, we have to make sure that our professional modifications could be the most efficient ones that could be enjoyed.
We hope that the fact regarding how Jagex as well as the Old School group are tackling this challenge in earnest is something that entices the group, though it could suggest that we would like to respectfully request that you end your private challenge."
117 declared that they had offered Jagex with a compromise inside the structure of eliminating their issue as soon as Jagex had launched their own, and also giving Jagex "collaborative manipulation" with respect to Runelite HD's apparent fashion.
"They have not responded in any way," 117 stated. "I am past disenchanted and annoyed with Jagex and I am deeply sorry that, after all this time, I'm now no longer in a position to share this experience with you.
The mod 117 has not appeared to be a direct response to Jagex's suggestions for 0.33-birthday birthday celebration players However, the Runescape creator says that they'll be updating the ones suggestions subsequent week. The suggestions will include suggestions for buy OSRS GP initiatives that will affect how the game was created.