Most of us are very much reliant on our computers, that if something goes wrong it will become a situation of life and death. Of course you wish to get back your system online and running but it is often easier said than done. It is not an overstatement to say that there could be number of things can go with a computer system. After all, everyone system has different settings. Sometimes, it also seems almost impossible to know where to begin when it comes to troubleshoot Windows system and bring back your computer in a working state. For this, you can either contact Microsoft Support team’s expert or can follow the below points till last.

You will be surprised to know that, there are lots of issues have the simple root cause. Before consider taking professionals’ help, go through the mentioned measures and see if you can fix this problem or not.

Run a thorough virus scan in your computer system

It is obvious as well as effective too. Launch your virus scanning software and run its most thorough scan available and then let it perform its work. Make sure your antivirus or scanning software whatever you are using must be updated. It helps in catching the newest wave of bad codes.

As we all know that computer can crashes and start to perform sluggishly, if it is under the virus or malware attacks. Sometimes, your computer system suddenly starts behaving strangely or has lots of unnecessary pop-ups.  Therefore, it is totally worth a value to run virus scan in your running Windows.

Update your software

Nowadays, lots of windows problems are caused by the up-patched or outdated drivers. Luckily, several updates are not applied automatically, as they are so important.

You can look for updates from the settings of Windows via clicking on update &security

After applying entire updates, you will be very pleased to know that, your entire issues are gone. If not then you need to dial Microsoft Support Number and take assistance from experts related to this matter.

Cut down on the bloat

Whenever your computer is running slowly, crashing at very odd times or displaying some buggy behavior, then it is simply creaking under the weight of all the software that you have got installed. Therefore, you just need to uninstall applications that are no longer in need to fix this issue.

In general, if your system is less bloated then you run into fewer Windows issues.

Test your Wi-Fi connection

Ensure that your system have high speed internet connection and the wireless setup in properly working.

Reinstall the operating system

The extreme version of the “cut down on the bloat” is, reinstalling the Windows system and starting again from the scratch. It wipes out all the troublesome programs, viruses, resets all passwords and gives you blank slate to start again.

All the mentioned measures will surely enable you to fix your Windows issues. If you are facing other issues, then you should contactprofessionals by dialing Microsoft Phone NumberThey will surely offer you the simplest solution to eliminate your entire issues related to Microsoft Windows.

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