A curtain wall is basically a protective structure that covers a building and offers protection. This idea of a protective cover for buildings emerged in the middle ages. In those days steel walls were put up to protect a structure from invaders, wind and rains.

The modern-day curtain wall is thin and non-structural. The weight of the building’s floor nor the roof is supported by the structure. They are typically built from lightweight materials, amongst which aluminium is the most commonly used.

An aluminium curtain wall is widely used due to its dual advantage. It not only safeguards the structure of the building but also adds to the aesthetic of the building.

Discussed below are some of the advantages of installing an aluminium curtain wall:

1. Eco-friendly: With CO2 levels at an all-time it is our duty to ensure that we make eco-friendly decisions. Aluminium curtain walls are a smart eco-friendly choice since aluminium is an eco-friendly material. Aluminium can be recycled, not just once but many times, with no significant loss in performance.

2. Tackles fire: Aluminium curtain walls have a smart design. It is constructed with a gap between floors of the building and the walls, known as the perimeter slab edge, which stops the spread of fire. This unique engineered design slows down the fire rapidly and ensures that the fire does not spread to different floors.

3. Protection against UV rays: With the ozone layer depleting, mankind is exposed to more UV rays than ever. UV Rays are harmful to your skin and excess exposure to UV radiation increases your risk of cancer. This is where aluminium curtain walls help out.  This aluminium structure shields the occupants of the building from harmful UV rays from the sun. Additionally, curtain walls also protect items from UV rays because this radiation can cause things like paintings and leather couches to degrade.

4. Harsh weather and moisture resilient: Aluminium curtain walls are constructed in a manner that can withstand harsh weather such as extremely speedy winds, heavy rains, storms and other adverse conditions. It safeguards buildings from heavy winds and other adverse weather conditions such as rain.

5. Sturdiness and quality: Aluminium curtain walls do not suffer much wear and tear. As far as is quality is concerned aluminium does not corrode, rot or crack.

6. Visual appeal and lighting:  An aluminium curtain walls enhance the aesthetic of a building. These structures have a modern aesthetic and thus widely used in cities. Aluminium curtain walls also slow the diffusion if heat, which in turn allows residents to save on their heating and cooling bills.


Aluminium curtain walls are vastly utilised due to these numerous advantageous characteristics that ensure a structures protection from a variety of corrosive and harmful elements. Additionally, curtain walls specifically aluminium curtain walls are environmentally friendly.