The maintenance of hearing health is essential to maintain good personal and social life. Hearing loss is a condition that affects your daily life with a reduced ability of hearing. Such a condition makes it difficult to hear speech and some other sounds. Multiple factors may have an impact on your hearing ability. When you experience the common symptoms of hearing loss, it becomes necessary to see a doctor. Besides, you should get a hearing test every few years, after a certain age. It will help you diagnose the condition before developing severe hearing loss.

Hearing loss involves a number of signs and symptoms that include-

  • Difficulty in understanding words, especially in the crowd
  • Muffling of speech
  • Trouble in hearing consonants
  • The problem of hearing the standard volume of the television
  • Asking people to speak louder
  • Withdrawal tendency from the conversation

If you experience these signs, it means that you need a hearing practitioner or specialist. The doctor can plan treatment for you, after performing hearing tests and identifying the severity of hearing loss.

Reasons to Get A Hearing Test Every Few Years:

It is better to think about a hearing test as a screening instead of an examination. There is a common assumption of people that hearing tests are for those people, who already have a hearing problem. However, screening is essential to identify whether there is an underlying condition that may lead you to permanent hearing loss. A regular hearing examination may help you in various ways.

Diagnosis of A Medical Condition     

Although hearing loss occurs due to ageing in most cases, an underlying medical condition may often be responsible for it. A few diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure may cause a hearing problem. So, hearing problems in such patients can be treated with the treatment of diabetes or high blood pressure. Hearing tests can identify the conditions like these and can make the treatment of hearing loss easier.

Identifying Potential Problems

A yearly hearing test allows you to make adjustment in hearing or get proper treatment if you need. Every time, your hearing practitioner will compare the audiogram with the previous one, to track changes in your hearing ability. If your hearing ability is changing rapidly, or there is any potential danger such as earwax buildup, the doctor will alert you and take the required steps.

Reduction of the Chance of Further Damage

With the development of hearing loss, a lot of things are lost along with the ability to hear. A hearing loss may harm the social life of a person. An individual may get depressed, suffer from anxiety in public and get isolated because of the isolated situation they experience due to hearing loss. Hearing loss also may increase the chances of getting injuries, especially in elderly people. It is caused by the inability to hear car horns, fire or smoke alarms or other signaling sounds of danger.

Starting Treatment

Recognizing the hearing problem at the earlier stage is a good thing. It allows starting treatment at the initial stage and reducing the chance of getting the condition worse. If you choose a reputable hearing treatment clinic, they will test and diagnose the problem and start treatment according to the degree of hearing problem. You can get treated with the most suitable hearing device that can help you change your lifestyle.

Risk Factors for Hearing Loss:

  • A number of factors are responsible for the hearing losses. By being informed about the risk factors, you need to understand whether you should go for screening now or not.
  • Ageing is one of the most significant risk factors for having hearing loss. So, you should start a yearly hearing test after a certain age.
  • Getting more exposed to loud sounds may cause damage to the cells of the inner ear. The damage may occur due to long-term exposure to loud noise.
  • Heredity is another significant risk factor for hearing loss. You are more prone to experience hearing loss if you have such a history in the family.
  • If you experience loud noise every day in your working environment, like in factories, farms or construction works, there are more chances of hearing loss.
  • Drugs like antibiotics, medicines of chemotherapy, these may cause damage to your inner ear. Even a high dose of aspirin and other pain relievers may cause tinnitus.


Screening of the ears can provide you with a lot of things to be cleared. It may diagnose any underlying medical condition, along with the severity of the hearing loss. To be safe about your hearing ability, you must get your ears tested once in a few years.

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