When it comes to the construction and development of their homes, homeowners have several choices from the type of roof support they would like right down to the type of foundation they would like to set. The building materials you choose for the construction of your home will depend on a variety of factors, such as your budget, personal preference, architectural requirements and type of decor style you would like to go for.

One building material and structure every homeowner should consider when remodelling or developing a new home are trusses. Did you know that roof trusses in Cape Town are a far more ideal choice than rafters or a concrete roof? While a concrete roof may be the more traditional approach, as well as match a certain aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, timber roof trusses have proven far more beneficial.

So, why are roof trusses a go-to for several Cape Town homeowners? Why are more homeowners ditching the traditional concrete slabs and rafters?

Roof trusses are more cost-effective

While this may come as a surprise, the use of roof trusses can greatly reduce your overall costs when constructing or renovating your home. The structure is relatively lightweight and has high strength-to-weight ratio, whereas other roof materials, such as concrete, will require a far stronger support structure. Additionally, the structure can be installed far quicker than other alternative roofing methods. Therefore, the labour costs will be lower too, as you wouldn’t require as much time as you would if you were installing a concrete roof.

The installation process is fast and simple

As mentioned above, the installation is a relatively simple and quick task. By contacting companies that produce roof trusses in Cape Town, homeowners can have the structure built off-site and transported to their home once they are completed. Thereafter, they are lifted into place and installed as per client requirements. Most developers want to complete their projects within the allocated time frame or sooner. By making use of roof trusses instead of rafters or concrete, this can easily be achieved.

Homeowners have a wider choice in terms of design

Roof trusses can be customised according to client specifications and requirements. This is one of the major benefits. Homeowners no longer have to be restricted to how they want their houses to look, as there is a far larger degree of flexibility in terms of design.

Homeowners can opt for stylish exposed trusses

Finally, while homeowners used to hide their roof trusses in their attics, more people are leaning towards the idea of leaving their trusses exposed. As mentioned above, there is far more freedom when it comes to the design and finished look. Exposed roof trusses can give your home that rustic feel you’ve been yearning for.

These are only a few of the reasons why roof trusses have become so popular in Cape Town. If you’re considering remodelling, renovating or beginning a new development, why not opt for roof trusses as your roofing structure?