There are different reasons why people have blogs. Many of us have experiences to share. Some people want the readers believe in God and witness how prayer changed their lives. Others have excellent cooking skills and want to distribute their original recipes online. Blogs give these people the opportunity to express themselves in writing and receive some kind of support or praise. They may also seek to hire a professional dissertation discussion writer.
On the other hand, having a blog in not only about writing.

Many blog writers perceive it more like a hobby or indulgence because they do not receive a paycheck for their efforts.

Others are often afraid to write because they feel they do not have enough skills or experience to be called an expert.

There are also bloggers who limit themselves to writing one or two articles per month. They explain this by the lack of content and being afraid to bombard their readers with too much information.

Later, I realized that there are common myths about blog writing that often stop people from developing in this area. There was also time when I believed they were true. How about you?

Myth #1: You Should be an Expert

I started to write because I wanted to share my feelings after divorce. So, I wrote a story and published it on the website for young moms. My story turned out to be popular. It gathered around 3500 likes and 500 comments in 24 hours. Although I wrote a story about divorce, I am not an expert in the area. However, I know well how my divorce happened. So, is there a good reason that should stop me from sharing my own experience? I do not think so.

Myth #2: There Is no Value in Blogging

In our life, we cannot place a value on many things. For example, connecting with a person, or building trust with children. Similar to this, we cannot place a value on the feeling we get after we share our ideas with others through the blog.

Myth #3: No One Cares about Your Blog

Before I published my story, I also thought that no one cared about my divorce. On the other hand, after receiving many likes and comments, I realized that people do care especially if the story touches their souls.

In our world, ordinary people have a great opportunity to express themselves through the means of blogging. If you feel the desire to write, do not stop yourself and do not believe in the myths that prevent you from development in blogging.

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