As your little one starts finding her feet, leaving behind the baby phase, it’s important that she has the right pair of shoes, one’s that will encourage rather than discourage her from walking. With the right pair of shoes, you can rest assured that she will put her best foot forward in every adventure she goes on.

While some parents believe that barefoot is the way to go, this could actually be more detrimental than beneficial. Think about it, if your little one starts walking around and is barefoot, she won’t have any protection on her feet if she were to stub her little toe or step on a pointy object. So, what is the perfect companion for your little girl’s feet? Well, with summer creeping around the corner, the perfect shoe would be no other than comfy ballet pumps!

Not only do comfy ballet pumps compliment every outfit, but they are also the most secure shoe you could purchase your little one. Ballet pumps come fit with a fastening strap, so you can rest assured that your baby’s feet are secure and snug in their shoes. This functional, supportive and stylish fastening strap is generally quite child friendly, so your little one can even eventually take on the responsibility of trying to put her own shoes on! Yes, the wrong shoe may end up on the wrong foot, but at least she’s learning.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a comfortable, yet stylish pair of shoes for your little angel, you can’t go wrong with comfy ballet pumps. However, don’t make the same mistake several other parents have made when purchasing shoes for their babies. To reduce your chances of making these mistakes, they will be listed and explained below.

Mistake Number 1: Buying shoes that are too big or too small:

When you buy comfy ballet pumps for your baby girl, ensure that they are the right size. If you’re unsure on whether they fit your child perfectly or not, do the thumb test! There should be at least a thumb’s width between your little one’s big toe and the front of the shoe.

Mistake Number 2: Buying shoes manufactured using the wrong material:

Baby shoes should always be manufactured using breathable materials, such as genuine, non-toxic leather. Avoid purchasing any comfy ballet pumps manufactured using plastic or rubber, as these materials trap moisture in the shoe, which increases the chances of a fungal skin infection.

Mistake Number 3: Buying shoes that are trendy, not functional:

As your little girl starts learning to walk, she will need functional shoes that encourage her to walk. The more comfortable, the better. Avoid purchasing shoes that serve no functional purpose for your child’s gait development.

Mistake Number 4: Assuming the shoe still fits your child:

Just because your baby girl isn’t complaining, doesn’t mean her ballet pumps still fit her. Do the thumb test at least every two months to see whether your little one’s shoes still fit or if she requires a new pair.