Is free trade almost gone for F2P? I left my account 2 weeks before, so am I safe? How long would 40/40/40 with 50 range/mage take for me? Last thing,do you guys have brothers or sisters that randomly come and RS gold do some thing or that which you trust and let em wc or anything when you are gone to the bath or something.I know this is bannable, but if you hope em... and should they simply pop up and flip the display what exactly are you going to do?

I play 5 hours a weekend so keep this in mind when giving time. Money isn't actually problematic for anything. I learned that if you would like to create money, you need to work for it... no begging or asking. Just skill as it pertains! However if somebody were to give me like 10M... I may take it. I do feel better when I do something and that I manage to achieve my objective. If someone were to give you enjoy 10M would you choose it?

Begging does not count. If the cash was granted to train a skill (I.e get chaos ). Just random money due to friend ship or enjoyable. I had 50M after but that was because... dicing/RWTed 9M/botted on another account then transfered money for my main. I felt so awful that I was going to kill myself then Mic and Jake saved me. :P I decided to stop my account that I had worked extremely hard on and made an accounts that... will be 100% legit. The botting was done because people at college persuaded me to perform it. Now as I grow up I know to be completley honest. Plus it seems all my RS friends are eally pround of me for changing especially Tcmp3 and Jake.

What do you think about this? And I should not feel bad anymore right? I changed my view on everything. I knew that a match is something to play for fun and should I cheat on it I may decide to cheat IRL too. I changed my point of view. And I felt awful about being really poor so I RWTed. The identical website which gives UGC cards that I use to cheap OSRS gold acquire mems additionally gives paypal money so that I simply used it.

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