When there's no rational path, then there's no reason to move there. Would not it make more sense to go to Sir Amik Varze, King Roald, or even the Duke of Lumbridge should you need to establish a guard? Even that OSRS gold one knight in Varrock who's in charge of the guard.

Secondly, there is absolutely no reason for Sigmund to be there. The HAM storyline is deeply involving Dorgeshuun, and nobody wishes to kill the key bad guy in a completely unrelated pursuit, what will the final one be around? There's no purpose also, having Sigmund there additional nothing to the plotline of the pursuit. What's the Wise Old Man there? He murdered! The Swan Song was his final foray before retirment, since that is what Swan Song signifies. Again, having there did not really add anything, you're better off carrying an NPC from the quest.

I see no reason to perform the assassin minigame after. If we count summmoning into the film, the highest amount of cash you could ever get from it's 1380 gp, that is not worth it whatsoever. From the time you're able to kill the level 150 from the quest, that quantity of cash isn't worth trekking across the world to discover a level 50 assassin. At the same time, it doesn't deserve a higher benefit, since it would be much too simple. It's really kind of pointless since it's. I believe that the idea as a whole is good, but it requires a whole lot of polishing.

What Runescape wants is races... NO not races such as trolls or elves! I mean races, such as racing! Racing requires, agility and strength! These are normal running races in which you use your own feet, not horses, not racecars, not hyperjets with rocketboosters.

First off like I stated before, the races require strength and agility. You can input a race at any given level, but the higher your endurance and endurance, the greater of a chance you have of winning. To get to Old School RuneScape Gold the races, then you must board a boat from Port Sarim (like in Pest Control) and sail into Race Island. Upon reaching race staircase, you will discover buildings and such. The buildings and such are:


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