I really don't think spoiler tags need to Nook Miles Ticket be divisive. Right now it becomes an issue because there are no clear rules about what is expected and acceptable from the sub.
If the rules were clear (ie: spoiler tags required for events which haven't happened in real time yet or spoiler tags necessary for posts that contain items which were attained via hacking to circumvent timelocking) possibly users would not take it as a personal assault in their play style when people asked they use a spoiler tag.
Instead of feeling sensitive about a sensed conclusion about time traveling it could just be a simple"hey this is against the rules, see sidebar".
(Edit: it's fine to downvote that in the event that you're a avid TTer and do not want to mark spoilers or something. Just trying to provide another perspective in this thread that is asking for feedback)
The things that produce my Reddit feed and also top the listing on buy Animal Crossing Bells hot after the sticky have been varied on topic so that I would not say there is an problem with shared occurrences that neighborhood upvoting and downvoting doesn't already resolve.