Swinging Axes-You run past 5 swinging axes- agility- if you fail an axe cuts you doing 6 harm, which will also send you a little. Rockslides and avalanches- you operate through a ravine while stones and OSRS gold boulders fall, you must dodge themagility -if you get hit you fall down and take 5 damage.

Double softball swing- you swing from ropes again, but this time you swing from 1 rope to another- agility- if you fail you overlook the next rope and fly in the pool of sand below. Throughout the Fire and The Flames- There is a dragon in the end of the obstacle and its shooting bolts of fire at you! Raging Bull- There is a bull raging in the beginning , and you must stop it to run and pass to the finish line! When you enter the bulls land, it is going to chrage you. While this occurs your character will place himself, he then catches the bulls horns and when he doesnt fail, he will throw the bull into the ground- strength and agility - if you fail, the bull either slams into sending you flying back, or when you catch his horns he moves you out, both inducing 9 damage.

Once you finish all these challenges, keep running and run past the end mark to triumph! If you havent finised the race and somebody passes the finish, the race ends and you are teleported out. If you win your prize is the money everyone payed and an Experience Scroll, which provides 5000 EXP to Agility or Strength, whichever you choose.

Okay, I have chosen to come up with a new twist for a few of the most popular suggested abilities - Survival. I had been thinking that we could have 4 survival coaches scattered throughout Runescape.

Otto obviously would continue teaching you the Barbarian abilities but they'd be used in the Survival skill (20xp for firemaking with bow and 50xp for catching fish with your hands). Also he'd instruct you to buy RS3 gold make a shelter (two logs utilized with a knife) that you might get in if your health was under 90 percent gone and have it cure you 25% of usual hitpoints level.

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