Then, like the duel RuneScape gold arena, the clan leaders could compromise on the rules such as"no prayer" and"non-multicombat" etc.. Pretty much every principle modification that is in the duel arena will maintain staked clan wars. Once the rules and amount to stake were decided, the clans would go to war. Once the winning clan has been determined, the spoils would be divided evenly among the players that participated in the war. Please leave your comments.

There are a couple hunters out there like me that believe that Hunting is cool. But maybe not too much when this happens... You receive tele'd do a Random Event (let us say moan ) and while you are gone you grab nothing and your trap(s) drop over. You come back to find that they have been Stolen(!) /Disappeared. You do not have any signs left! You need to always have traps! Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

An experienced hunter understands that if a trap fail for any reason, it has to be hammered and set up again. I find this especially annoying, so my thought is for there to be a Right-Click Reset button on the traps. If your snare fall over or be sprung, you can easily reset it. You may even reset a trap while it's cheap RS gold standing. Any bait or smoking you have set must be re-done. In the procedure, you may pick up and specify (in precisely the same area it had been ) the trap.

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