How it might RuneScape gold work: You would probably require a heavy duty pole like a barbarian one for instance to get this done. For bait you would take cooked meat (steak or bear) and chop it up into pieces using a knife. You'd then fish throughout the hole using the lure and pole. (All using the meat lure rather than feathers). Freeze Over: After thirtyseconds of not fishing through it the pit will freeze over, forcing one to chop a new gap. This will not impact skillers who don't run off to cook or sell their own fish as long as you are still fish there.

Well Im just going to make a record of things I believe could be good to upgrade. Update old agility animations, they are awkward. Create hp meter green when illuminated, because people miss the tiny text alot("you've been poisoned!") Druids arms less. . .disproportional. It seems like their arms touch the ground. Make fires look more realistic, rather than having the exact same fire every moment. (not necessary tho) Change 2h stance back to over shoulder, the new one seems kinda goofy with running and stuff. (keep for godswords however ) Have maximum pursuit points shown, like - 184/250 quest points or something. Or have # of quests done /# of quests.

Update water everywhere. Would take alot of effort but it would be well worth it (like rivers that actually move etc) Prove fish when you capture them like barbarian fishing. Remove revenants. Make wild like it was but without drops. (until they can think of a solution) because I hate being in a place no pker would ever be, and then a 126 rev knight'blatantly' kills you. Its not arbitrary, its guarenteed to occur after like 10 minutes. Make swords/long swords slimmer, or present broad swords. Round shields would be nice and add some sophistication. . Feel free to speak your ideas and Ill post/give you credit.

Unusual obelisks have been spotted underground and at the farthest reaches of RuneScape. What would they be for? Who put them there? And what do they need to OSRS Gold For Sale do with our newest members-only ability, Summoning?


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