The developer of the MMORPG titled "Path of Exile" responded to criticism after giving streamers priority access to the game's new expansion, Ultimatum. To facilitate the launch, Grinding Gear Games paid multiple influencers to broadcast and promote the extension. However, the game encountered server issues, which meant that the streamers hired to promote expansion could not be logged in and played at release.

This decision caused an uproar in the champion community. Streamers bypassed the long login queue, and ordinary players had to wait as long as two hours. Then, paid streamers first gained access to the content , giving them an advantage in the competitive game economy of Path of Exile.

"We have arranged two hours of streaming media transmission fees, and we have encountered a login queue that takes two hours to clear. This can almost make you really invest a lot of POE Currency," he said. Lead developer Chris Wilson.

Wilson admitted that this move was "wrong" and stated that the company "will not allow streamers to bypass the login queue in the future." Grinding Gear Games is still resolving server issues caused by the extension launch. Putting aside the problem of the server, if the player wants to have a smoother game, Buy POE Currency is the most direct and best choice.