Two months ago, Blizzard disclosed detailed information on BlizzConline 2021. World of Warcraft players have already learned about this year’s special charity pet program. The community unlocked the WOW Classic Gold discontinued TCG battle pet banana just a few days after the donation period started on March 21.

Players can collect a large number of collectible creatures such as cats, murlocs and otherworldly creatures in the game. For many years, the simple animals of Azeroth have been missing as battle pets. The first sloth implemented in the game was Daisy. The COVID-19 rescue work was also released on April 23 due to Buy WOW Classic Gold community donations.

Through the application or any online browser, players can log in. Different banners are displayed in cycles after they appear in the store, and charity milestones with bananas and daisies appear on the screen. Players who want to be redirected to the "World of Warcraft" pet area can click the "Ask them today" button. Then they can click on the first tab of "Daisy".

Players will be taken to another page that contains detailed information about the promotion. In retail, Daisy is available. Players click on "Claim Free" on the following confirmation screen, and then click the "Claim Now" button.

A beast-type battle pet with powerful ability to deal with small animals and undead animals is Daisy. The difference between Daisy and many other battle pets is that she tries to catch up with the hero at the pace of a snail. If players want Daisy to ride on their backs to accompany them on their adventures in Azeroth and Shadowlands, they can enter the / beckon command.

Daisy is not always free. Before the August 1 deadline, everyone can request a copy for more than 3 months. In the summer, many new battle pets can be released with Patch 9.1. In the future, one of the players' most unique companion choices in the game is Daisy. I want to recommend a website for players, MMOWTS. This is a safe and reliable website with a lot of cheap Classic WOW Gold. Players can buy it with confidence.

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