Among the classes on the path of exile, occultists pay attention to curses, and the damage will multiply over time. For players who want to adapt to the cold or the hustle and bustle, there is no choice. The spell also allows players to use other curses, which is the only skill in the class, which means that witches are very useful in cursing attackers in battles that other classes do not have. For annoying curses and defenses that can cause damage, cold or chaos, the hermit may be the most flexible advantage. It also provides knots to encourage the use of POE Currency, and provides players with a variety of ways to develop perfect sketches.

The top-level guide cannot give the guide more control than the guide-specific elementologist. Elementalists are masters of the three main elements in "Path of Exile": fire, cold, and lightning. As the dominant node greatly improves the player's basic attack ability, elementalist players can choose to Buy POE Currency to improve their abilities, at the expense of lethality to eliminate fatal damage.

Finally, the Necromancer is an auxiliary upgrade type and has a lot of room for damage. Professionals on the path of exile have advocated this method for many years. The dream of the summoner, the blue passive ability field of the wizard provides many offensive and defensive benefits for the minions, making it very suitable for support-centric buildings.

In complex RPGs like "Path of Exile", players are given complete freedom of choice when developing characters. The Witch category allows you to fully explore the best features the game can provide. Each promotion category has great potential, and the witch’s intelligence promotion makes her an ideal choice for early game rule. No other class can contend with the witch’s ability to contend with the rich content of Path of Exile.