The"special" wing RuneScape gold is very seldom dropped; it ought to have around the same drop rate as dragon legs consumed. The KBD, of course, drops it frequently, while the bronze dragon drops it least regularly. When you get a wing you will need to flip it ! The next measures will change your wing to armor! Altering a normal wing to armor is different from changing a"particular" wing to armor, so I'll have two different lists.
Measures to Changing Normal Wings into Armor. Bring your wing into any gem shop (Al Kharid, Falador, or Ardougne) and cover the store owner the appropriate amount to modify your wing to green membrane. The price will be equivalent to the prices it costs to tan dragon hide in the tanner's shop.
You must have your green membrane crafted into membrane armor. There are 3 bits to membrane armor: top robe, bottom robe, along with the hood. Moreover, you have to possess one green membrane for the hood, two to the bottom robe and three for the top robe. The crafting levels required for such an action are equal to that of producing green d'hide armor. The green hood fits the green vambraces, the green underside as chaps along with the green top as the human anatomy.
You're finished making your own armor! Congratulations! (Green-black membrane robe shirts require the completion of the Dragon Slayer quest to wear. You can also purchase Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold green bottom robes and green vambraces from the Champion's Guild, and green high robes from Oziach at Edgeville.

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