The currency system of the Path of Exile is rare. The following are the rare orbs in the game. The inscription on the path of exile is private; there is a Neanderthal paradise. There is no law or POE Currency to show you how to work, too bad, all the exiles from the East are dumped there and start trading. After that, people started to slaughter stones instead of shiny stones. This is no joke, this is how the monetary system works in exile.

Atlas’ Echo is one of the latest extensions to Path of Exile, which introduces Maven and a new currency with her called the elevated sextant. Only she can drop this orb, which is why its price is around 56 Chaos Orbs. In this regard, the elevated sextant is a great item, just apply it to the watch stone to polish several maps in your atlas. But please use it wisely, and only based on map availability.

Exalted Orbs are now available in many shapes and sizes, but they are all similar in price, except for Warlord, Hunter and Redeemer variants. For simplicity, we are referring to the basic version of Exalted Orb, which costs about 120 Chaos Orbs. Most players attach great importance to noble orbs. Think of it as a 100-dollar bill or Benjies in the Path of Exile, and Chaos Orbs is 10s. Most players will not spend them, only use them to buy POE Exalted Orb. If you swim with them, you can use them to add new random attributes to rare items.

If you want something more expensive than the Awakened Orb, please enter Maven's Orb. It was dropped by Maven himself, one of the last Atlas bosses before this. You still need to complete her challenge. This is why Maven's Orb needs to purchase approximately 2,800 Chaos Orbs through transactions. Maven's Orb is perfect for those who want to perfect the items affected by it. It is mainly used to upgrade the modifiers of the affected armor parts, or use it  and get rich.