Somehow, the path of exile was in its best and worst state at the same time. Every league, as Grinding Gear Games (GGG) adds the previous league mechanics to the "core" game, it will only become more bloated. As someone who took part in the competitions in the last few leagues with a serious capacity, when I came up with zanier and zanier ideas, I liked new challenges and additions.

But the new player experience is at the lowest point in history. I can't seriously recommend people to jump into the path of exile and enjoy the POE Currency today. I suggest spending a few hours to do some research, maybe DM me, and then adjust expectations before jumping into Wraeclast. Therefore, this review is mainly for those who have a certain understanding of the game, preferably a dialogue where others share their opinions.

I haven't reviewed Path of Exile in any official capacity for a while, so let me briefly introduce my position in the last few patches. It's hard to keep up with the crazy alliance, I tried very hard to get back to the mechanics and gave up the alliance before it was too late. But I think what it adds to the game is great.

The Harvest League ruined my game. It can easily be my favorite mechanism to add to Path of Exile, and it is painful to see it inconsistent with the developer's vision. Although the garden is a bit frustrating, Buy POE Currency will only help the game. This is still my favorite league ever.

There are too many loot alliances. I have played a lot, but I really don't like the fact that there is so much work for various mechanisms. When dealing with thieves, planning, and gift robberies, it feels overwhelming to equip, unlock, and upgrade thieves. I still don't think robbery technicians are in a good position, but I think they might one day. However, as someone who likes to make stupid/memetic constructions, the uniqueness of the replica and alternative skill tiles are a great addition to the game.