Yeah even though I haven't played OSRS recently
Yeah even though I haven't played OSRS recently

Yeah even though I haven't played OSRS recently (past 6ish weeks ) I just had something happen IRL which made me think of the positives that came from my OSRS addiction haha:-RRB- thank you for your comment! This has been a loop I get into a lot with this match. "if I just do dragon slayer 2 I can farm vorkath and make rich" I unlock vorkath and get bored of her after a week. "well if I just had elite void I bet this could be far better" so I grind out elite void and realize that with my stats the dhide was better lmao.

That's how I felt when I ended 99 fishing in dark crabs. Pkers and was AFK kept it fascinating. Runescape's skill aims don't have much. Reward. You get to 99 and that is it. You can do a thing that is cool but it's frequently. I pretty much stopped playing and maxed. Unlocking a supervisor or achieving a item is much more rewarding. This game is all about the journey not the endgoal. People who snore as fast as they can to reach end game end up burning out quicker.
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