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  • "A majority of the time, owners will say we are partners in this business Mut 23 Coins. Partners are us. We should all have an opinion ... I think every time a decision is made the players should have input on it . I feel that the way that Madden NFL 23 game is making things up as they go along is poor leadership and players will not tolerate this ... We must be professionals in all that we do, and do it at an elite level. We expect the same of the players who manage our league."   In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement in place, the league is not legally required to get approval from the Madden NFL 23PA's approval before it can alter your personal behavior policy. This is because the Madden NFL 23 has stated that the union will be actively involved in the dialogue, a move pushed for by those who are part of Madden NFL 23PA. However, the extent of that involvement appears to be low and is evident from Sherman's recent comments. Roger...
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