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  •   When you get an item in you inv. AND NOTE THIS if you've got a very low theiving lvl also it's not difficult to slip from you, you'll find an item of lower value than a participant with OSRS Accounts higher theiving. For example if you're a level 25 theif you could get a rune scim on your inentory and if you were a lvl 90 theif you could get a dchain (it of course is dependent on what other gamers are depositin ginto the deposit portal) Okay now I'll explain how you play this sport.   In the game you're trying to steal from the other participant on a list of possibly 5 players which you are delegated to steal from. In this game you'll be stealing form an entirely random player that's around your theiving level NOTE: the greater theiving lvl the player has, the harder it is to slip from him/her. In this game there will be many new methods to steal from people )depending on your level).   By way of instance if you are...
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