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    MMOruki published a blog post In terms of your suggestion to EVE echoes
    For instance, right now, Lustering Alloy out of your API is placed at 73.20 per unit. However, as someone who specializes in Planetary Materials, I would like to eve echoes isk sell my mats at the maximum price (obv). If I see the market in-game right now, the maximum price is 113.0, but the individual is simply purchasing 1,025 units:--LRB- Therefore I most probably won't market there seeing there is another individual buying for 110.0 per unit plus he needs 24,929 units. I obviously wish to market for 110.0 each instead of 113.0 (because of the minimal cost amount ) or 73.20 (the average cost ). If there is a way to demonstrate that 110.0, it'd be great. Hmm. Interesting. Thanks for being so specific. My algorithm is probably seeing a lot of the immense orders which are still around down at the 70-75 range and over-indexing on these. I think that incorporating in the actual"highest buy price with a massive quantity" would be more useful if I can upgrade the...
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    MMOruki published a blog post Gridiron Notes: Madden NFL 21 The Yard Deep Dive
    Feels just like a direct response to 2K. Imagine if this energy was put into cheapest madden 21 coins Franchise mode or an actual My Player mode instead... Especially since the 2k game probably will not even be out until late 21 or 22. Madden: extends"sim" football video game permit. Also madden: does not touch franchise and does this instead. They're probably trying to get ahead of 2K a bit to retain some players. They're bleeding enthusiasts cause they do not listen to them. Now they are throwing anything in the wall for back them except what they have been needing. I'm sorry but how does WWE not listen to lovers. Continued to push Roman despite fan backlash, refused to provide any attention to Daniel Bryan before the crowd straight hijack reveals with chants. The moment they came out and advised fans to stop watching when they dont like it. Their evaluations are in sharp decline since. At the exact same time, everybody, particularly the UI and...
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    MMOruki published a blog post I'm pretty new to RuneScape
    I can hit a 176 max hit and runescape 2007 gold to get a 64 thats fairly good (Well I could be using all that expensive gear but im really poor [I barley have 100,000 coins by the end of the afternoon, after I fist of guthix my tokens to 300, I purchase dragon gauntlets and market the on the GE and then attempt barrows as many times as I can with my money and end up using 15,000 at the end of the day, the day will come once I get barrows equipment.]) I understand effiency and that, I said I just cast when I am 4 levels above it. Does anyone have any better traing procedures? I dont like to think of barrows as training but I really do get a fair share or xp and I shed about 4000 coins every time or I create atleast 30,000 profit, it is not acctually that poor. I utilize minamal prayer pots because I freeze them and walk away. I'm pretty new to RS and just wondered what quests are good for people my level? I really don't want to make this post too long or a list, but...
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    MMOruki published a blog post The Way to Earn EXP & Level Up Quickly in PSO2
    After beginning Phantasy Star Online 2, you'll make your first several levels fairly quickly, but PSO2 Meseta it'll slow down quickly. As soon as you find yourself around level 30 or 40, you'll be wondering what to do to earn EXP the most economically. Before worrying too much about Experience, you ought to at least follow a handful of ARKS Main Missions to get a lay of the land. You can see exactly what these are by choosing ARKS Missions in the Quests menu, or by pressing ESC/F1 and then Alter (you can also set you have hotkey.) These assignments will help you through basics like Expeditions, equiping equipment, and more, so it is best to clear a number of them out first. At least to the point where you are requested to start clearing Exploration Quests. No matter which way you use to earn EXP, you'll need to be certain that you have Experience Boosters in place. There are several resources of Experience Boost to keep track of: Use an EXP Earned +XXpercent...
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    MMOruki published a blog post I am going to have a peek at our facet of EVE echoes
    Notable Areas of the Fight: Golden Horde knew we were coming and eve echoes isk they'd set a gate up camp. We knowingly jumped into it and warped off. We figured we'd lose a few folks, and we all did. SHH dropped 4 ships worth roughly 350m right off the bat. We regrouped. And we warped around to the Station that was about to come off anchoring. We had been severely outnumbered. They had a kitchen sink fleet. A number of times. Eventually we settled into a rhythm biking through FCs based on who crashed. It was frantic at first, but we eventually settled into a rhythm. Golden Hordes FC did a great job utilizing the limited features in the game to attempt to get his fleet ontop of all ours. Some minutes it felt like we had been walking a tight rope between welping and living their onslaught. Those numbers appear... Odd. I am going to have a peek at our facet of kill mails.I recall killing a lot of Chinese, though. Didn't get any killing blows though, but they warped...
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