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  • There are a lot of the students who do not have the exact idea of what are the rules of the classroom and how they have to follow them. However, the rules are a very important thing that must be created in every field of life. Every individual is also supposed to follow the rules whether it's for the house, office, or academic institution. Therefore, every classroom also has some kind of rules designed by the management that must be followed by the students. Moreover, if the rules of the classroom are not followed properly, there must be some sort of punishment for the students as well. In addition, if the students follow the rules of the classroom properly, it will provide them great benefits as well. Here, we explain some of the important reasons why it is important for students to follow the rules of the classroom. The students learn to follow the rules in every walk of life One of the biggest advantages of obeying and following the rules in the classroom by the students...
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