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  • Rainwater harvesting, for the average homeowner, can be a sustainable solution to water conservation. It has been made legal in Washington state, and changes are happening elsewhere, for the good. Adding a filter to your rain water harvesting system is a good idea. A slow sand water filter is a sustainable solution. I want to write mostly about slow sand filters here. These filters are often referred to by different names: Bio sand filter, biological sand filter, and Biological sand water filter. All this nomenclature actually refers to the same concept: water purification through biological means. These filters are actually mini-ecosystems, not unlike a wetland. Let me digress a bit here. Think about this: all the potable water we have on this earth is recycled water. We drink the same water that was here when the first people walked the earth. We depend on the ecosystem of this earth to clean our water for us. Thankfully we are trying to clean up polluted water sources because...
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