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  • Speaking of aluminum enameled wire, I believe everyone should know. Today, we introduce a wire, aluminum enameled wire. Let's take a quick look at the transportation and storage of aluminum enameled wire, because if many wires are not transported correctly, it is very likely that they will not be used, so let us simply understand the transportation and storage of aluminum enameled wire, so you can Have a better understanding of this. 1. During the transportation and loading and unloading process, the aluminum enameled wire and the reel should not be damaged. It is strictly forbidden to push the aluminum enameled wire tray directly from the car. The reels should not be transported and stored flat. 2. Before transporting or rolling the coil, it is necessary to ensure that the copper clad aluminum coil is stable and tightly wound. When scrolling, you need to follow the direction of the arrow on the reel or the winding direction of the line. 3. After the aluminum...
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