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  • Out of all the illegal drugs that hurt, and even kill people, heroin is one of the “number one” drugs, research says.    Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs available today. Despite its addictive qualities and high overdose risk, many people continue to use this opioid drug. For some people, the destruction of heroin becomes apparent very quickly, while it can take longer for others. There are even people who are addicted to heroin that can maintain a job while they use the drug, but this doesn’t often last for long.   When you have a family member who is addicted to heroin, you tend to feel the impacts just as much if not more so than the person using the drug. Addiction is often called a family disease because of the ripple effects it has on everyone around the person who is addicted.   So what can you do? Heroin addiction can cause the person who is addicted to lash out against you and place blame on you. It can also...
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