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    F1 Flat Screen Printer Features: Easy and convenient for operation, high printing precision and production speed, low malfunction rate and maintenance cost, applicable to a wide range of fabrics printing process. Information of Flat Screen Printer: Model:F1 Printing width:1900mm-3200mm Printing repeat range:400-3200mm Printing color quantities:8-16 Features of the F1 Flat Screen Printer : Its appearance is stylish and beautiful, adopted soft platen with customizable length and quantity of colors. ◆All electric components are from Mitsubishi, Omron, Yaskawa, Schneider, etc. ◆All pneumatic components are from the Japanese brand of SMC ◆Reinforced printing blanket is from the German brand of Siegling ◆Main drive reducer of blanket is from the German brand of SEW ◆Lifting driving screw is from the Japanese brand of THK You can click for further more information.
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