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    Jack Edison published a blog post How to supervise a sales team in 5 steps
    If there is one kind of sensitive relationship, it's one within a sales force. This is because salespeople, due to challenges, problems, goals and dissatisfaction, always end up being people in whom sales leadership needs to be conquered and not imposed. It is not only by imposing goals that you manage to lead a sales team. In fact, every salesperson has a huge doubt when he learns his goal: “how to reach it?” Bonus: make your team achieve high sales performance with our CRM platform Agenda is a CRM and business management platform that works as a control panel and personal assistant for B2B sales teams It is precisely at this moment that the challenge of knowing how to lead a sales team comes into play. How to Supervise a Sales Team: 5 Effective Rules It is not connected with the position of manager, or manager. In "The Monk and the Executive" James Hunter makes it clear that leadership must be won by authority and not...
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