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    Theagricultural industry is full of horror stories of software purchased and then the customer is left to "find out" itself. You might be able to guess that it is a recipe for disappointment and maybe something you experience first hand. To evaluate if you will do business with true partners, or companies that will leave you in dust after ink dry your contract, make sure to get a clear answer about the following:   Onboarding process: Every new Livestock management software will require several levels of setting. Understanding how long these account settings will take and what resources are provided when you study the program will be a good indicator if adopting Livestock management software is the possibility of midseason and how fast you can hope to see the value of your investment.   Sustainable support: This is one of the biggest distinguishing features in Livestock management software today. Even if you are a technology expert, get the clarity...
  • With more than 88 million vehicles for sale every year, parking problems become more frequent. Ensuring adequate parking space is one of the critical concern for all sectors of activity. Considering the city's population grows throughout the world and that almost 30% of traffic in urban areas are busy coming from people looking for parking, smart parking solutions are the most important, even to contribute to the development of smart cities.   Parking Management: Smart Parking Software   This increase in traffic is a major problem for the city, because there are limited mobility and consequently limited access to business activities, housing and recreation. All of these situations make the city less sustainable and habitable.   However, this problem was finally caused by lack of parking, but with a lack of information. In this case, smart parking is a real-time parking management solution that collects performance indicators and turns it...
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