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    The most common problem of Washer Motor is the clasp spring. During normal washing, the spring should be disengaged. Only when dehydrating, the spring will hold the inner and outer shafts. Since it is not detached from the rust for a long time, or the fixed end of the circlip can not be fixed, the problem can be solved by simply removing the cleaning and lubricating oil, and the pawl wheel is not disengaged when washing, and the location needs to be adjusted. In addition, please don't ignore: the possibility that the washer motor will rotate but not wash when washing: pulsator card; remove foreign matter; loose pulsator or eclipse at the joint; replace or repair the pulsator. This should be the capacity reduction of the motor capacitor or The belt on the motor wheel is slack and slipped. You can try a capacitor with the same capacity and withstand voltage, and then check if the belt is loose. Use a multimeter to easily determine if the capacitor has a serious breakdown...
  • When a washer makes a active sound, the a lot of accepted accountability is that there is something ashore in the pump and blocking it. The active complete occurs as the cesspool pump tries to run but something is blocking it and the “buzzing” babble occurs. As a blocked pump is the a lot of apparent could could cause for a active washer, there can aswell be a added problems that can could could cause this noise. We will account the a lot of accepted affidavit for this botheration alpha with the a lot of apparent first. If your abrasion apparatus is NOT active but instead your washer is not spinning or clarification during the cycle, again a altered troubleshooting adjustment is needed. Blocked Drain Pump: An object has lodged itself inside of the drain pump. There can be items such as a small sock, a coin, a toothpick, or something small in your clothes pockets when you wash them. These items can fall out of the pockets and end up in the drain pump causing it to become...
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